Weekday Preschool welcomes our new families! This video will help demonstrate our drop-off and pick-up procedures.  Thank you to our high school Weekday alumni for producing this video.



Children 2 1/2 years old, up to the time of their public school kindergarten acceptance are eligible for the Preschool program. Children enrolled in the preschool program should be able to use the bathroom with limited assistance from the teaching staff. We understand that children may have an occasional accident. If the child is not able to adequately clean themselves, the teacher or office staff will help the child clean up. This will always be done with another teacher present and a TLC notice will be sent home regarding the incident.

Individual consideration will be given to applications for enrollment of children with special needs who the Director and the Preschool Committee feel can be helped by the school program. The Preschool is not, however, obligated to undertake any undue burden of unusual expense or obligation to meet the requirements of children with special needs.

Completing Enrollment

Enrollment forms must be completed and returned to office within two weeks of your registration date.

Please visit our Registration Forms page to download all the necessary forms for enrollment.

Release of Information


All children’s records and their family financial records are confidential. We will not release or discuss any information regarding a child or his/her family without prior written consent from the parent or legal guardian. All documentation is kept in a locked drawer in the office and is only available to people who are approved to have access to such information. If your child has an allergy or other medical concern that needs to be posted in the classroom, your signature on the registration materials has provided us with approval to post such information. All Weekday Preschool staff members have received a copy of and have been trained in the NAEYC Code of Ethics. Staff members follow the stated guidelines to assure confidentiality regarding your child. This applies while the staff member is at work as well as away from work.

Release of Child

Parent will provide a list of individuals who are authorized by the parent to pick-up their child from the Preschool. Parent agrees to notify the Preschool in advance, in writing, each day that anyone other than the parent or one of the Parent’s Authorized Representatives will pick-up the child from Preschool. The parent understands that the child will not be released to any individual for whom the Preschool has not received prior written authorization from the parent. Authorized individuals must show picture identification prior to the release of the child.

Updating/Certifying Child’s Forms

Parent certifies that she/he has accurately completed all enrollment forms and that she/he has read and agrees to abide by all provisions of the Preschool’s Parent Handbook. Parent agrees to notify the Preschool immediately in writing of any changes in the information supplied on the enrollment forms.

Medical Assessment

Parent agrees to provide to the Director of the preschool, within thirty (30) calendar days of the Enrollment Date, a written medical assessment of Child in a form approved by the Preschool, performed or under the supervision of a licensed physician and dated a date within twelve (12) months of the date such written assessment is provided to the Director. If a child requires emergency medical treatment and has a known medical or developmental problem, the parent is required to provide Weekday Preschool with written documentation from a licensed physician stating the procedures for administering and storing of medication. Children’s medical history forms will include information regarding the emergency treatment of conditions such as allergies, asthma, seizures, orthopedic, sensory problems, chronic conditions, and conditions that require regular medication or technology support. All medications are labeled with the child’s first and last name, name of physician, expiration date, and manufacturer’s instructions. All medication must have the original prescription label. Office staff is trained in the specific administration and storage of all medications.