Tuition & Fee Policy

The Preschool is a non-profit organization. Fees are payable in advance of actual school time. When a child is enrolled, we assume it is for the entire school year, or the balance thereof. If however, he/she must be taken out of school, a two week notice is required. When your child is absent from the school, you may keep his/her place only by continuing the fee payment. Because tuition is based on annual rates, there are no reductions for months in which there are fewer class days, such as December, June, etc. If there is a financial problem, speak to the Director prior to the due date.

Tuition is paid in ten (10) equal payments, September through June, including month’s with holidays. Tuition is due on the first day of each month. A monthly statement will be placed in your child’s cubbies as a reminder that tuition is due. Checks should be made payable to “Weekday Preschool”. A Registration Fee, plus the last month’s tuition is required when the Admissions Agreement is signed. This assures a place for your child in the program. The Registration Fee is non-refundable; however, the last month’s tuition is refundable if the school receives notice of withdrawal by June 1st (prior to the new school year starting in September). After that time, and until September 1st, the last month’s tuition is refunded if the space is filled. After the school year begins, and provided that a minimum of 2-week notice has been given, the last month’s tuition deposit is refundable once the space is filled. After April 1st, there are no refunds in tuition

2018-2019 Tuition Schedules


Monthly Tuition Fees


Number of Days per Week


1 Day

2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Annual Registration Fee

Preschool (9:00AM – 12:00PM) n/a $280.00 $425.00 $565.00 $665.00 $160.00
Early Morning (8:15AM – 9:00AM) $15.00 $30.00 $45.00 $60.00 $75.00 n/a
Lunch Bunch (12:00PM – 1:00PM) $20.00 $40.00 $60.00 $80.00 $100.00 n/a
Extended Day (1:00PM – 2:00PM) $40.00 $80.00 $120.00 $160.00 $200.00 n/a
Toddler Hand-in-Hand (9:00AM – 11:30AM ) $100.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a $60.00
Infant Hand-in-Hand (9:15AM – 10:00AM or 10:45AM – 11:30AM ) $65.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a $25.00

Holidays and Absences

There are no discounts, adjustments or refunds for absences, holidays, other school closures or shortened months. The monthly tuition is based on an annual enrollment in which holidays, school closures and shortened months are taken into consideration when determining tuition rates. Absences for illness or other reasons are to be expected. We cannot issue refunds or offer makeup days for absences.

School Holiday and Closure Schedule

  • September – Start date after Labor Day
  • October – Staff Development Day (1 day)
  • November – Veteran’s Day (1 day), Thanksgiving (3 Days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • December/January – Winter Break (15 days)
  • Jan – Martin Luther King Day (1 day)
  • February – President’s Day (1 day)
  • March/April – Spring Break (5 days), Staff Development Day (1 day), Cesar Chavez (1 day)
  • May – Spring Fling (1 day), Memorial Day (1 day)
  • June – Close early June

Methods of Payment

Tuition and Fees

The payment of tuition and fees may be made by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard, bank-to-bank transfer,or money order payable to the order of Weekday Preschool. However, if any Payment by check is returned unpaid, the parent will be billed a service charge of $25.00 in addition to other amounts due. All Payments must be made or delivered to the Preschool Office at 9650 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, CA 91324.

Due Date

Except as otherwise expressly stated, payment in full of the tuition payment for each month, and any additional fees incurred in the previous month, is due on the first calendar day of the month in which the services are to be provided, beginning in September. If the parent enrolls the child in the Preschool program mid-month, the parent shall pay, on or before the first day the child attends the Preschool Program, a pro-rated daily basis for the remainder of such month, plus the Deposit for June.

Late Payment: Suspension & Termination

If the Preschool has not received Payment from Parent for the Monthly Fee on or before the 10th day after Payment of such fee is due, the Preschool may refuse to admit the child to the Preschool program each day until the parent makes such overdue Payment in full. However, if the Preschool’s Director has not received any overdue Payment on or before the 15th day after such Payment is due, the Preschool Director may terminate Child’s enrollment at the Preschool.

Penalties, Policies, and Refunds

Late Pick-up Penalties

A penalty will be imposed for any late pick-up. The late pick-up fee is $1.00 for each minute beginning five minutes after the dismissal time. Each day the child is picked up more than thirty (30) minutes later than the dismissal time, the child may not be admitted to preschool the following day. If the child is picked up late more than two (2) times in any thirty (30) day period, the Preschool’s Director will notify the parent and may terminate the child’s enrollment in the Preschool Program

Absence Policy

Parent shall pay in full to the Preschool the Monthly Fee for each month child is enrolled in the Preschool regardless of whether the child is absent for any reason, including but not limited to, illness or vacation. Parent shall notify the Preschool before 9:30 A.M. if the child will be absent due to illness.

Withdrawal by Parent

Parent may withdraw the child from the preschool at any time. A refund of deposit is contingent upon an advance, written, two week notice of withdrawal. Failure to give two weeks prior written notice, shall result in a forfeiture of last month’s tuition deposit. Provided a minimum of 2-weeks, written notice has been given, the last month’s tuition deposit is refundable once the space is filled. After April 1st, there are no refunds in tuition.