Preschool Program

Preschool Program Description

The preschool years are an amazing time, filled with wonder and curiosity. The teachers and staff at Weekday Preschool know just how important this time is for children and their families. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe, stimulating and developmentally appropriate first school experience that supports children’s growth in every way.

Our Preschool classrooms, for children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age, are filled with hands-on meaningful experiences that engage and encourage exploration and learning. Our classroom are arranged by age allowing the teachers to focus on the needs of the group while also meeting the needs of each individual child in the class. Every classroom has two lead teachers who work together to provide an enriching, thoughtful and positive classroom experience. Each classroom is set-up in a purposeful way allowing for children to actively explore the classroom environment. During the morning activities, children have an opportunity to make choices to participate in various interest centers: art center, dramatic play, library and literacy area, science and discovery area, math, manipulative and blocks, which encourages children to be life-long learners, to gain independence and to develop a greater sense of self-control.

There is a balance between child -initiated and teacher- directed time. During circle time children are encouraged to be a part of the group, to respect others and to work together. We develop a strong sense of community and problem solving skills together. Circle times are interesting and encourage active participation. We value what children have to say, how they feel and what interests they have.

The outdoor time is a wonderful time where children from all the classrooms have an opportunity to explore and learn in a multi-age setting. We believe that learning in preschool happens all day long, so our outdoor “classroom” continues with the same importance as the classroom activities. There are bikes, scooter, and various ride on toys. There is open areas for ball games, obstacle courses and large blocks. Two sand areas allow ample space for children to dig, build and explore. In our dramatic play area children use everything from play food and dishes to babies and animal care. We always have art available for creative expression and a reading area for self reflection. When weather permits we have water play and various table toys are always out to experience. Climbing structures and swings are a highlight of our beautiful and shady playground. Jumping, climbing, exploring, developing friendships, laughing and investigating abound as children and teachers interact during this magical hour.

Through intentional teaching practices the classroom teachers provide a nurturing environment where children feel safe taking risks and meeting new challenges. While the principles of Creative Curriculum lay a foundation for our teaching practices, we are also inspired by various philosophies and approaches. The teachers and staff at Weekday Preschool are always seeking new information and research in the field of early childhood education. We take this unique blend of best practices and incorporate it into our daily experiences with the children. We are committed to provided children with a life-long joy of learning and to develop strong and lasting bonds with our families.

What parents say about us

This preschool is simply amazing and truly magical. The teachers are the best and dedicated to assisting each child grow both emotionally and developmentally. The outside play areas are well thought out and provide the kids a wide variety of options and ways to use their imagination.

— Marissa Cunningham

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