Development and Learning

Objectives for Development & Learning

Birth through Kindergarten

Social – Emotional

  • Regulates own emotions and behaviors
  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships
  • Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations


  • Demonstrates traveling skills
  • Demonstrates balancing skills
  • Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills
  • Demonstrates fine-motor strength & coordination


  • Listens to and understands increasingly complex language
  • Uses language to express thoughts and needs
  • Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills


  • Demonstrates positive approaches to learning
  • Remembers and connects experiences
  • Uses classifications skills
  • Uses symbols and images to represent something not present


  • Demonstrates phonological awareness
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet
  • Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses
  • Comprehends and responds to books and other text
  • Demonstrates emergent writing skills


  • Uses number concepts and operations
  • Explorers and describes spatial relationship and shapes
  • Compares and measures
  • Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

Science and Technology

  • Uses scientific inquiry skills
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Earth’s movement
  • Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

Social Studies

  • Demonstrates knowledge about self
  • Shows basic understanding of people and how they live
  • Explores change related to familiar people or places
  • Demonstrates simple geographic knowledge

The Arts

  • Explores the visual arts
  • Explores musical concepts and expression
  • Explores dance and movement concepts
  • Explores drama through actions and language