10 Signs Your Child Is Ready For Potty Training



  1. Able to pull pants up and down. This is only applicable if your toddler ever wears pants! Some prefer the ever so toddler-chic “diaper only” look.
  2. Your life is settled into a groove with no major changes on the horizon. Things like moving, a new sibling, sickness – even as simple as the common cold can all cause toddlers to regress. Starting potty training during a major life change could backfire.
  3. Shows interest in the toilet and the things that other family members do on it. 
  4. Notices and dislikes wet and dirty diapers. When he takes his diapers off and brings them to you… yeah – he’s ready.
  5. Stays dry for longer periods of time and their bowel movements are predictable. We all know the signs of a pooping baby/toddler. Their facial expressions alone give it away, but also their body language of hiding and retreating back into a corner are dead giveaways.
  6. Follows simple instructions & is eager to learn. Toddlers are inherently eager to learn how to navigate the world around them. As soon as they are capable they will gladly follow easy instructions all in the name of learning a new task. Of course, this all has to be done on THEIR time – when they are well-rested and not hungry… but we all know this about toddlers.
  7. Expresses a desire to be a big kid. This is one reason why potty training a toddler who just became a big brother/ sister may just be an effort in futility. With a little baby in the house, many toddlers regress as they see the baby gets attention for doing “baby things”. Once the new family dynamics have been established, it is again “safe” for the toddler to show an interest in becoming a big kid.
  8. Communicates wants and needs. Being verbal is not necessarily as sign of potty training readiness, since we know toddlers have their own very convincing ways of getting their point across. Many of these methods of communication have little to nothing to do with speech – so just being able to point, sign, signal, or do the potty dance are all perfect ways of communicating the need for a potty break.
  9. Has patience to sit still for a few minutes. Oh, and what toddler doesn’t just love to sit still for extended periods of time?! This is where you will have to read books, sing and even do puppet in the bathroom to entertain your training toddler long enough for them to have a “productive” bathroom visit.
  10. Resists diapers and asks for underwear. I know, I know – this one is rather obvious…
    If your child is showing these signs, it may be time to get off the pot and get the kid potty trained!

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